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Calendar Module

The Calendar Module allows you to add as many different calendars as you need. You can have a separate calendar for each department, committee, team, or any other category within your organization.

Checkout our demo video!

The above image is an example of an information box pop-up that is show when a hyperlink on the calendar is clicked on by a visitor. The window displays the event description and can show text, photos, maps, email links, and other hyperlinks.


  • Each calendar will list unique events for any day of the month.
  • Place the events from multiple calendars on a single calendar display.
  • Built in event search feature.
  • The calendar display can be set to weekly, monthly, yearly or you can allow your viewers to pick a view.
  • Choose event recurrence periods (one-time event, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) and duration.
  • Add detailed description, images, maps, email & website links for each event.
  • The calendar can connect with Form Builder to take online event registrations and payments.
  • Activate and deactivate events.


  • Works with our Coming Events plugin to display a text list of upcoming events on any page of your website.
  • Powers our mini calendar plugin - an excellent way to showcase your events right on your website's home page.
  • Calendar can be set to not allow overlapping events which is great for room bookings or appointments.
  • Online registration feature can be set to a limited number of registrations and will automatically remove the sign up form when the event is full


Video Tutorial